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A New water soluble NSAID from Vetoquinol


Vetoquinol UK Limited has launched Sodium Salicyl 80%, a water soluble, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

Sodium Salicyl 80% contains 800mg of sodium salicylate and is indicated for supportive treatment of pyrexia in acute respiratory disease in calves (of at least two weeks of age). In pigs, Sodium Salicyl 80% is indicated for the treatment of inflammation, in combination with concurrent antibiotic therapy. Unlike acetylsalicylic acid (conventional asprin) which is poorly soluble in water, sodium salicylate is highly water soluble (1 g/ml water), even in the hard water commonly encountered in the UK which makes it ideal for group therapy in any herd.

Sodium Salicyl 80% can be administered orally through the milk replacer or drinking water. Orally administered salicylates are absorbed rapidly and make it easier to treat groups of pigs and calves suffering from stress.

It is well known that any focus of pain or discomfort is likely to reduce an animals feed and water intake, enough to reduce performance and potentially increase the need for the use of antibiotics. NSAIDs are ideal for use in times of stress, for example after weaning where they have the ability to reduce inflammation, provide analgesia and reduce pyrexia. Unlike corticosteroids, NSAIDs relieve pain and inflammation without the immunosuppressive and metabolic side effects. Stress is a known cause for an acute phase response (inflammation) and viral and bacterial infections are common in this vulnerable period.

Susan Mitchell, Large Animal Product Manager at Vetoquinol UK Ltd comments, We are delighted to be expanding our large animal range with Sodium Salicyl 80%. We are now able to offer vets and producers a solution for both individual and group situations where an NSAID is required

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