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Welcome recognition that processed animal protein is safe & valuable


Fabra, the Food and Biomass Renewables Association which represents the lions share of UK animal by-product processing capacity, has welcomed EU legislation which, if approved, will allow processed animal proteins to be used in selected pig, poultry and fish feeds.

The EU Commission has been extremely thorough, says Stephen Woodgate, Fabra Chief Executive.  Its decision to publish draft legislation earlier than was anticipated recognises not only the safety of processed animal protein, but also its high nutritional value and strong environmental credentials.

The draft legislation does not affect the ban on feeding animal proteins to ruminants, nor does it affect the ban on intra-species recycling.  These two measures are important safeguards, as is the supply chain channelling required by the new legislation.  By channelling the supply chain the Commission can prevent any potential cross-contamination, ensuring that ruminant diets, for example, remain free of any processed animal protein.

Sustainability has been a concern for the duration of the post-BSE feed ban, explains Mr Woodgate.  Feed compounders have turned to soya and other imported vegetable proteins, and to harvested fish meal, all of which carry significant environmental costs.

If approved, the new legislation will mean our fish farming industry can use nutritionally valuable processed animal protein in place of harvested fish meal, reducing pressure on our fish stocks while making full use of a safe and plentiful food-industry by-product.  UK pig and poultry producers can also use PAP in-feed if they wish, Mr Woodgate points out.  Whether they choose to do so is, of course, a commercial decision based on their understanding of consumer requirements.

Whatever they choose, it is non-the-less important that British producers have access to export markets for processed animal protein made from UK animal by-products.  They will be able to recover value from their by-products by exporting them to places such as Asia, where there is strong demand for high quality processed animal protein for use in feed.


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