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‘Better Dairy Campaign’ gets Scottish Euro MP’s support

A Scottish Euro MP has taken part in the launch of the ‘Supporting Better Dairy Campaign’ in the European Parliament, Brussels.

Struan Stevenson

Struan Stevenson supports 'Better Dairy Campaign'

Struan Stevenson, who is a Conservative MEP for Scotland, said he supported the Ben & Jerry’s, WSPA, CWF campaign as he wants to see the high welfare standards enjoyed by dairy cows in Scotland rolled out across the whole EU.

Speaking today following the launch, Mr Stevenson said:

“I was a dairy farmer for many years and took great pride in the high welfare standards my dairy herd enjoyed. I am delighted that Scotland and the UK as a whole are great role models for high dairy welfare standards; however this is sadly not the case in every part of Europe. In some countries cows are permanently tethered, so that they can only stand up or lie down and they never get outside to graze on pasture. We banned this sort of behaviour in the pig sector and it is unacceptable that it should be allowed to continue in the dairy sector.

“As a farmer I know only too well that contented cows provide the best milk yields, so to me it seems like a no-brainer. Good welfare equals higher yields equals better profits. That is why I was happy to join in the launch of this important campaign. We need an EU-wide directive which provides new rules for Europe’s 23 million dairy cattle, setting minimum standards for welfare based on the principles of good housing, good health, good feeding and appropriate behaviour.”

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