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The CRT goes against the flow


As the Dairy Farm Crisis Continues the CRT Opens New 900,000 Dairy in Surrey.

Trustee Zac Goldsmith MP has opened the CRTs incredible new dairy at Pierrepont in Surrey.

Zac said: At this time, with dairy farming in crisis, it gives me great pleasure and pride to be opening this incredible new dairy at Pierrepont Farm.

When nearly 9 dairy farms are going out of business a week the CRT is showing its commitment to British dairy farming to cow friendly, wildlife friendly and farmer friendly farming. And it is so good to see such beautiful, traditional Jersey cattle.

In 1995 there were 28,000 dairy farms in England and Wales. At the end of 2010 that number had plummeted to just 11,102. It is a shocking tale. Many of those left have intensified to try and stay in business consequently with forage harvesters busy from early spring to late summer, most dairy farms have become wildlife deserts.

The CRT led the way by bucking the trend with wildlife friendly cereal farming. Now it is trying to do the same with dairy farming. These new facilities are amazing and I wish Mike Clear and the CRT every success. I hope that people and school children will come to visit this remarkable farm and I must thank Jo Baker who gave it to the CRT it was an incredible act of generosity.

It gives me great pleasure to be associated with a dairy farm that is cow friendly, wildlife friendly and farmer friendly without a clone or a GM crop in sight I wish the CRT every success with this exciting not venture but adventure.

Robin Page, the CRT Chairman said: When the CRT accepted this wonderful farm from Jo Baker, we were aware of the risks and difficulties. By erecting this fantastic new dairy we hope that we are showing our commitment to Pierrepont Farm for the next 100 years. It is a farm we hope, where the cows will flourish, wildlife will flourish and those who farm here will be able to make a decent living.

The challenge here will be for Mike to make a living while at the same time leaving space and time for wildlife. We hope this can be done I am convinced it can be done.

The Countryside Restoration Trust is a farming and conservation charity which aims to protect and restore Britain’s countryside with wildlife-friendly and commercially- viable agriculture. The Trust is committed to promoting the importance of a living and working countryside through education, demonstration and community involvement.

The Trust is establishing a network of demonstration farms across Britain which, using sensitive farming methods, will show how to protect wildlife, produce quality, seasonal food and preserve our countryside for future generations.

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