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Key decision makers discuss the future of dairy exports

The UK dairy industry is ready to fully exploit dairy trade opportunities across the globe and strengthen its position as a global dairy player, said Dairy UK today.


Chairman Neil Parish MP

Speaking at a breakfast seminar with leading politicians, Dairy UK outlined the sector’s potential for global growth and the potential consequences of the Brexit negotiations, stressing that exports are a crucial part of developing and strengthening the dairy industry.

Dairy UK set out its vision for the industry in a briefing document for MPs, which demonstrated that the industry’s path to global success relies on:

  • Maintaining uninterrupted access to the EU market;
  • Protecting existing trade agreements;
  • Developing new Free Trade Agreements (FTAs);
  • Avoiding border issues on the island of Ireland;
  • Working with Defra for optimal results on health certificates, inspection visits and promotion of the UK brand.

Whilst exiting the European Union will have a profound effect on the industry, taking the correct steps could help the industry become more resilient, competitive and profitable.

Neil Parish MP, Chair of the Efra Select Committee, said: “The Brexit referendum set the country on an unexpected course. The negotiations with the European Union will be complex, however food and drink exports are a crucial part of our economy and we must make sure the Government uses all of its resources to promote and boost trade.

“As a life-long champion of the UK dairy industry, I am anxious to protect its interests. The food and farming sector must make itself heard and I welcome Dairy UK’s initiative to showcase the industry’s achievements in dairy exports and to highlight what we can and must do to support it in the coming years.”

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: “As part of a billion strong global dairy community working together on nutrition, standards and sustainability, the UK dairy industry provides consumers worldwide with the foods and ingredients they want and love in a way that protects our planet for future generations.

“Dairy UK has a very diverse membership, with some companies focusing on developing the domestic market and some focusing on expanding their presence abroad. For those looking to access new foreign markets, collaborative work with the Government is key.

“In January 2016, Dairy UK published an Export Strategy which identified a comprehensive list of steps which could help foster growth and boost our industry’s competitiveness in the international market place. With global demand for dairy expected to grow by around 2% per annum over the next 10 years, the UK has a unique opportunity to step up, unlock new markets and increase dairy exports across the globe.

“In spite of the uncertainty created by the Brexit negotiations, the UK dairy industry is ready to rise up to the challenge and strengthen its position as a global dairy player.”

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