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REA urges Prime Minister to embrace renewable future at UN Climate Summit

Prime Minister will be “out of touch” with the public if he rows back on renewables in favour of fracking and nuclear.

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Media reports this morning state that David Cameron is expected to use his four minute speech at the UN Climate Summit today to promote shale gas fracking and nuclear power as “green” technologies, whilst arguing against targets for renewable energy.

Responding, REA Chief Executive Dr Nina Skorupska said:

“These four minutes in New York will mark a defining moment in this Prime Minister’s record on climate change and green energy. This is his opportunity to be remembered on the right side of history as a leader who acknowledged the positive role of renewable energy in delivering emissions reductions, energy security and economic growth.

“The largest climate march in history this weekend was not a call for relaxed fracking regulations or more nuclear power. The marchers were calling for more renewable energy, because renewables are the only energy sources that tick all three boxes: waste-free, genuinely low carbon and coming down in cost as the industry matures.

“This Government’s own research shows that 79% of the public support renewables, compared to 36% for nuclear and 24% for fracking. We urge the Prime Minister to use this precious opportunity today to show that he is not out of touch with the overwhelming majority that wants the UK and the world to embrace a renewable future. To achieve this, the PM should support, rather than oppose, 2030 renewables targets.”

Farming Monthly Editor, Andrew Poulton said:

“In all honesty, how can David Cameron claim that nuclear power and moreover, shale gas fracking, be considered as ‘green’ technologies? It’s bizarre in the extreme and detrimental to the clear benefits that true renewable energy sources bring to the table.”

“Fracking in particular poses a significant threat to the environment in my opinion and we should be continuing to steer away from the use of fossil fuels, which, after all, is a fundamental principle in mitigating climate change.”

“There is an opportunity here to stand up and lead by example, to get behind renewable energy in a meaningful way and to send a message to the rest of the world that Britain (and clearly, we can still include Scotland in that statement) are at the forefront of a renewable energy future.”

“Climate change is real and is affecting people right now. Recent floods & unpredictable weather are just the tip of the (melting) iceberg. Agriculture has seen significant issues as a direct consequence. This is no time to be half hearted and continue down the same path but with small concessions here and there. It’s time to be decisive. It’s time implement real change, to work with nature – not against it.”

“In reality, I suspect that we will see David Cameron offer increased support for the fracking industry, announce further nuclear power developments and in effect, support the energy companies profiteering as has always been the case. But I would LOVE to be proved wrong!”


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