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Good life gardeners turn to growing their own vegetables to beat inflation


Sales of cultivators are soaring as more house owners are turning parts of their gardens into vegetable plots according to Mowdirect, Britains leading supplier of mechanised gardening equipment.

The company has been selling a range of cultivators for more than ten years, but enquiries have increased this year from gardeners more used to tending perfect lawns and well stocked beds of annuals.

The trend to grow your own vegetables has been increasing lately due to the urgings of television personalities like Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall who are proving to cooks that home-grown vegetables have much more flavour than those bought in supermarkets.

But with the price of all foodstuffs increasing gardeners who usually only plant a few annuals seem to be getting a bit more adventurous.

We have noticed this year especially that our sales of tillers and cultivators are increasing and we can only think that these are the reasons.

A particular favourite is the simple little Einhell electric tiller which is perfect for the smaller garden and is easy to control so that even the novice can navigate around existing plants and the edge of paths and lawns.

It is also strong enough to break up firmer ground and we think it is a good buy for the first time veggie gardener at 79.95 including VAT and delivery.

The company is also importing bigger cultivators directly from China to give what it to believes to be unrivalled value for money.

Mowdirect has been in business for twelve years and is the countrys leading on-line retailer of powered garden equipment.

There is also a team of advisors to point customers towards the right machine for them.

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