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Trees make the difference

Four Sigma Foods’ annual charity project for 2013 focuses on restoring forests and promoting environmental sustainability.

This September, Four Sigma Foods (FSF) and like-minded companies such as Weleda, Costo and Madara are organizing a charity project with the intention of restoring forest in the St. Petersburg area, Russia. FSF’s part of this charity project is raising funds and helping plant thousands of new birch trees. The project focusses on birch trees for two reasons: birch trees are known as the home of the great Chaga mushroom and they have one of the highest carbon densities per acre out of all species of trees.

Purifying the air, offering cozy and pleasant places to every living creature and protecting us from hunger. Those are some examples of the important roles that forests have, said FSF Brand Manager and former Olympic crosscountry skier Väänänen. As a result of our modern lifestyle, however, we are continuously losing more and more forest areas. It is estimated that around 18 million acres – roughly the size of Panama – of forest are lost every year. Four Sigma Foods has organized this charity project in collaboration with other environmentally conscious companies to address and bring visibility to this growing problem of deforestation.

Through this charity project, FSF wants to play a part in restoring our green spaces and call attention to the importance of forests. FSF also wants to extend an opportunity to people to join the project and take action to enhance their environment, in addition to offering products to improve their health with nature’s most potent ingredients.

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About “Four Sigma Foods”

Four Sigma Foods is a UK based health food company, founded by a group of finns. The founders realized that one of the keys to solve global issues like pollution and disease is to live in balance with our planet as our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Therefore, Four Sigma Foods aims to hit the Triple E; Easy, Effective and Ecological, and wants to bring people supersimple health foods that deliver concrete results in an ecological way.


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