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New Pig specialist role at NSF-CMi Certification




NSF-CMi has appointed Karl Pendlebury as Livestock Manager. Karl, who has worked for a number of years as an assessor for the Genesis QA scheme, has now taken up a new role at NSF-CMi Certification and will be responsible for all pig assurance and assessor related matters for Genesis and other schemes. He will be working closely with RSPCA Freedom Food.

Karl brings with him a wealth of experience in Pigs and other livestock. He started out farming following agriculture college and then moved into assessing and assurance over 10 years ago. He says he is motivated by wanting to do a good job for the industry and help move it forward. “My philosophy is that assurance and the audit process are there to help the farmer, putting in systems that provide traceability and ultimately reward good practices with good business,” he says.



About Genesis QA and NSF-CMi

Genesis QA is a whole farm assurance scheme is based on an innovative modular approach which allows farmers to tailor the scheme to their own business. At Genesis QA the philosophy is one of achieving the benefits of assurance in a commonsense manner which gives the maximum time for concentrating on rearing quality livestock and growing excellent crops. Since 1999, Genesis QA has grown year on year and is now a well-established and respected provider of farm assurance to over 4,000 producers of the UK farming industry.

NSF-CMi Certification is the leading provider of independent assurance and certification services to the agriculture, produce and processing industries, delivering individual and combined assessments to a broad range of international, national and client specific standards. It is Europe’s largest certification provider in the food and farming sector, certifying over 40,000 clients.

Genesis QA has appointed NSF-CMi Certification to assess and certify its whole farm assurance scheme, believing that NSF-CMi’s specialist expertise, experienced assessors and industry reputation will bring significant benefits to its members.

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