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Alltech joins the Soil and Fertilizer Alliance of China, Dr. Mark Lyons named vice president

Alltech China to host environmental meeting in March.


Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech’s global vice president and head of Greater China, has been named vice president of the Soil and Fertilizer Alliance of China, which Alltech recently joined

In an effort to improve soil quality and environmental protection in China, various key players from soil, fertilizer and livestock industries formed the Soil and Fertilizer Alliance of China (SFAC) in February 2016.

Alltech, guided by its founding ACE principle of positively benefiting the animal, the consumer and the environment, has joined the SFAC. Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech’s global vice president and head of Greater China, has been named SFAC vice president.

“Alltech and the SFAC share a common goal to integrate livestock feeding and crop planting industries more efficiently and to work together toward a more sustainable future,” said Dr. Lyons.

The SFAC aims to fulfill the needs and promote the sustainable development of Chinese agriculture. It strives to improve the quality of Chinese soil and contribute to food security and modern agricultural development while being ecologically sustainable. Alltech is one of the top five animal health companies in the world, with a growing crop science business sector.

The Chinese government has put an increasing focus on the environment in recent years, with a particularly close look at agricultural practices. While traditional concerns such as proximity to water and large populations, as well as biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand levels, have been cited as reasons for farm closures, issues related to high levels of minerals and soil quality impact factors are now being examined. The Environmental Tax Law was approved at the end of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee meeting in December 2016, and minerals (e.g., copper and zinc) and heavy metal (e.g., arsenic) are listed in the Environmental Tax Law for scale livestock farms. Alltech’s proprietary mineral technology Bioplex® is being utilized in China to reduce levels of minerals and other polluting materials in manure, thus reducing environmental impact.

“Alltech has solutions to help livestock farms reduce pollution in animal manure, compost manure to a higher quality of organic fertilizer, and improve crop and animal health and performance by adding nutritional value more naturally through our research-based technologies,” said Dr. Lyons.

Alltech China is hosting an environmental meeting from March 7–9. The event will focus on overcoming environmental challenges and finding opportunities in the new green economy. For more information or to attend the meeting, contact Apple Zhang, marketing manager for Alltech China (

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